One of the year’s hottest weeks in London saw the band getting together for a pre-tour rehearsal / callous-building / show-refresher session. Amid the nests of cables, coffee cups and instruments we got stuck in to both expanding the show for the upcoming Autumn tour, as well as applying ourselves to the ongoing attention to detail that this beautiful catalogue of music rightly demands.

It’s an almost impossible to task to honour all the requests we receive by way of song choices, but we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with some new options for the show. And there are more of them lined up for later in the year and into 2017. It’s the kind of work that is a treat getting sweaty for.

Chris Whitten has been a giant behind the drums with his exceptional mix of power, subtlety and inventive detail. Quite simply, the band has never sounded better.

Most importantly, the virtuosic Danny Schogger has been putting time into mastering the delicate, but vital, art of checking football scores on his phone with one hand while the other dances flawlessly over his keyboards. You just never know when such skills may be called upon during the coming months out on the road…