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  • What a great show, in Auckland New Zealand!
    We Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I don’t want to take away from Mark Knopfler but Terence Reis is doing a wonderful job.
    A great bunch of musicians and worth every dollar.

  • Auckland 2016 – Another absolutely superb show by Chris White, Terence Reis and the team. You guys rock and your musicianship is amazing. So honoured to have been able to attend the show once again. Please make sure that you guys return soon – next year would be good. if possible stay in Auckland for a little longer than you have done the last two trips! Thank you team for keeping the music alive and sharing your passion with the rest of us!

  • Just been to the Auckland show tonight…. absolutely fantastic….I’m sure Mark would appreciate just how good this band is….This would be by far the best Tribute band I have seen, Thank You for coming to NZ and I’m holding you to your acceptance of returning soon…

  • Another fabulous show in Wellington in a superb theatre. I went last year also with the wife, but i took my sons this year and we all had a wonderful time.. I am eagerly looking to next years show and hopefully ” Where Do You Think You’re Going” will be played.

  • Absolutely brilliant, would have happiled paid more to see them!
    Outstanding musicians with so much skill and talent…

  • Great show last night at the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch last night. I never got to see the original Dire Straits but the new lead singer, Terence has seemingly made an easy fit into Mark’s shoes sounding just like Mark did. Great stuff

  • Great show last night at the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch. I never got to see the original band but having seen you tube clip the internet provide i can not split the two. Thats the ultimate compliment to the new lead singer in Terence. Just a seemingly easy fit straight into Mark’s shoes with out any chnage in sound. Great stuff.

  • Saw this concert in Christchurch, last night went with an open mind, it was fantastic. All elements of the night, sound, vocals, lighting and the band really seemed to love playing. Highly recommend it. Will return next time 2018

  • Thank you for keeping the music alive, we loved your tour in Sydney
    Thanks and come back!!!

  • My wife and I attended last nights Sydney show. We saw the original Dire Straits with Mark Knopfler many years ago and then the Dire Straits Experience 2 years ago. Never easy to ‘replicate’ the original, but the Experience comes very close. Great show.

  • I was there last night and I was absolutely overly impressed with the performance. Great musicianship and glad to see Chris Whitten at the helm guiding the band through the repertoire. My favourite has always been Romeo And Juliet. They did not disappoint. if I had the opportunity I would go again. I saw the original Dire Straits in the 80’s in Sydney. In fact I went to 2 of there sell out concerts. Big shoes to fill but I agree it was done masterly. Great work guys. Put me on your Facebook page.. let me know when you hitting Sydney again. Hopefully it won’t be long. How about a thankyou Sydney concert? Let me know.. love to come and see you guys again. Love those Dire Straits tracks and not forgetting Mark knopfler’s contribution to the music industry.

  • Sydney 05/10/2016. I have been to see Dire Straits on every visit to Australia since 1980. Sometimes two shows in the one visit and also i have been to all of the Mark Knopfler concerts in Sydney. Last night’s concert was as good as any of those previous concerts that i have been to. Sensational job by all involved to keep this music alive. They obviously enjoy what they do and the Sydney crowd did not want the concert to finish. If you get the chance to see these guys do not let it pass. They are exceptional. I’m already looking forward to seeing them again.

  • Wow, just been to the Sydney concert. Unbelievable experience. State theatre was a brilliant choice for this concert. Originally saw Dire Straits almost 30 years ago and never thought that they would be able to find another Mark Knopfler. Well they did and if i closed my eyes for many of the songs i could not tell the difference. Excellent show boys – well done. Loved every minute of it. Safe travels for the rest of your tour

  • I saw Dire Straits many years ago in Sydney – Tonight I took my 12 year old son, Kai and he had an absolute blast… As good as the 80’s. Thanks for an awesome show and a great memory for my son and I.

  • Followed Dire Straits since first hearing Sultans Of Swing the first time it was played on TV in England
    I was born in Newcastle England as was Mark Knopfler – see he really was my local hero.
    I first went to see the Dire Straits Experience when they were last in Melbourne. I could not believe how close this was to how I remember it all those years ago. it was mind blowing.

  • have now seen these guys play four times since they formed , didn’t think they could improve from the amazing first show I saw in Basingstoke. How wrong I was, they just get better each time I see them And their pure enjoyment at playing to the crowds is obvious to see. Superb musicians, great shows and the icing on the cake for me was having the opportunity to thank them personally for a fantastic performance after the shows and get autographs. Good luck with the latest tour and can’t wait for the next set of uk dates to be released.


  • I have been a DS fan for as long as I can remember. We went to see the Guildford performance and I was utterly mesmerised. The lead singer sounds eerily like Mark, Chris was AMAZING, the bassist was awesome, they all were. The audience was a little stagnant, but I put that down to the mean age (I was young at the age of 34) but towards the end, most people followed suit and started dancing, finally.
    I loved every second of it. The new members did the old band proud. I can’t wait to see them again.

  • I never got to see the original Dire Straits when they were in their prime. However, having seen the Bromley gig I will die a happy man! The show was fantastic and like other people I cannot wait for the 2017 tour, and then hope that there are a few gigs local to Croydon, Bromley etc.
    A brilliant. brilliant evening by musicians who are simply the top of their profession. Thank you lads. I’m still buzzing.

  • Just seen these guys at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley. I wasn’t expecting too much because of the inherent problems in recreating the unique Dire Straits sound. Wrong! Oh, very wrong! Totally blown away! – Not just by the exceptional musicianship on display but also the quality of the sound that was delivered. This is a “must see” band.

  • Bromley – Sunday 12 th June.

    This was simply great stuff. Probably as near you will get in sound and realism to the old band. The timing is superb .
    Can’t wait for the 2017 tour dates to become available – or I might just jump on a plane to the Netherlands ! – it will be worth it.

    Well done the boys

  • Have always loved the music of Dire Straits but wasn’t sure what to expect when we went to see the Dire Strait experience tonight.
    Absolutely amazing – all the guys playing with enthusiasm and passion and looking as if they were really enjoying it. This was their last show in Bromley – I will certainly look out for them in the future To se them again

  • Just back from the gig in Harpenden tonight – you guys are amazing!!! Another brilliant gig, from a fantastic bunch of musicians. Second time we have seen you thiis year and already looking forward to the next time!!

  • Absolutely brilliant, saw you guys last night in Guildford and have just watched “on the night” dvd. wow Chris you have worn well ! OK MK is a genius and has always been my hero but you really are keeping some wonderful songs alive….thanks for making a Dire Straits fan live the songs again…..

  • G.Live Guildford — 10/06/16
    I am a massive Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler fan and have seen both many times. Also seen the Straits twice, but The Dire Straits Experience were truly fantastic last night. Great sound quality, great presentation and fantastic musicians. All the group are amazing but Terence Reis deserves special mention — to take on the mantle of the legendry M.K must be a real challenge, but he does it with style without trying to be a carbon copy. A really great evening and hopefully further dates in the U.K will be announced soon

  • I had the best night out of my life since I saw Dire Straits live at Birmingham NEC in the Brothers in Arms Tour in 1985! Honestly, DSE are absolutely brilliant and so deserved a huge audience at Folkestone, Kent, who would dance all the way through (as I did). Never mind – the audience did love them and I can’t wait for them to come back to Britain again.

  • Went to show last night , I’ve seen the dire straits 12 times with mark knopfler , but these boys were at the same level absolutely brilliant keep it going lads you would sell out the 02 ..

  • Just seen you at G live in Guildford, I have to say you guys are amazing. The vocals and the whole music takes me back. Just Close your eyes and you would think that you was taken back 20 years. Great show!!

  • I saw the show in folkestoneI was moved it was fan kent uk last nighfantastic. I enjoyed every moment. I cant wait to see them again. I really hope I get the chance to. Amazing thank you for giving me a night to remember. Love you guys xxxx trish penn xxxx

  • It was a great concert yesterday in Bursa. Thanks for your performance. You made my dream to real…

  • Yesterday, the band was in Bursa, Turkey, ( June 2nd ). It was an excellent show. I admired at Terence. When i watched him, i felt like i watched Mark Knophler. I reviewed the past and i think that this band will work years and years. Congratulations guys..

  • I saw this great band at Açıkhava Tiyatrosu , Bursa, Turkey. It was a wonderful live performance. They brought all the memories back Hope to see them again.

  • Thank you for this fabelous concert thank you for this wonderful night in Bursa, Turkey!!!

  • Saw these guys at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford on 10th April and all I can say is ….. “Wow!” The show was absolutely amazing and I was just blown away. I used to love Dire Straits back in the day and am over the moon that their music is continuing through this amazing band. Keep going boys, you’re doing good! xx

  • Always been a fan of Dire Straits but never got to see them first time around, so when my wife said they were playing at The Orchard in Dartford I said ok, why not? Slightly sceptical because I knew it wasn’t going to be the original line-up, but I have to say that it was superb and I enjoyed every minute, all over much too fast.

  • Brilliant show in every way. We would recommend this show to anyone, not just die-hard fans of Dire Straits. Can’t wait for next time!

  • Absolutely amazing. Went to Dartford gig a few days ago and still buzzing. Have booked for the Bromley concert in a couple of months. Incredible with and without Mark Noffler.

  • Bought a ticket for the Dartford show expecting it to be good, but didn’t know it would be out of this world. Mesmerising from start to finish. Totally spell-binding. Well done guys, thank you for a brilliant evening.

  • Brilliant show at Dartford last night. Sound balance was just right which must be difficult to achieve in a strange venue.
    All the musicians contributed to a fantastic re-creation of the Knopfler music and sounds. Congratulations and can’t wait for the next tour.

  • We went to the Orchard in Dartford last night where we were privileged to experience ‘The Dire Straits’ experience. The skill of these musicians is unbelievable some tracks literally took my breath away…beautiful and inspiring. Add to that the lead singer who actually out ‘marked’ Mark! But the very best thing about this concert is how much this band seemed to genuinely love the music they play and equally loved playing it to us. A truly joyous occasion !!! Thank you.

  • I saw the show tonight at Dartford with my brother. Just one word AMAZING!!!! Every single song was brilliant and the guitar was mesmerizing!! If you get the chnce to go – grab it!!

  • Dartford 10/04/2016
    I have loved Dire Straits for years owned Alchemy half a dozen times on all formats. Never got to see them. But tonight was as close to seeing them as i could ever imagine. Really a brilliant night thanks guys for giving and bring back some great memories.

  • Absolutely stunning well done you brought me to tears ,I don’t normally comment too much on bands I see but you where absolutely fabulous thankyou for coming to the orchard theatre Dartford ,and please come again ,I will be looking out for where you all play again it was a very fitting evening for my wedding anniversary gift for my husband honestly I am speechless really xx

  • Just seen the show at the Orchard theatre in Dartford. The show was fantastic. The musicanship from all on stage was superb. Thank you for the great music and wish you continued success.

  • Wonderful night at St Andrews hall last night 26th March. Remarkable how you could just close your eyes and be transported back to an original dire straits gig. Brilliant musicians. Look forward to seeing you again in the near future ☺

  • Last night at shanklin theatre on the isle of wight. nIn a word..AWSOME!! what a great show. Dure straites live on forever. Thank guys…cant wait to see you again.

  • Superb show in Shanklin. Massively talented performance by all the guys-brilliant. Thank you, keep it going and looking forward to seeing your next gig on the Isle of Wight. Can’t stop singing Brothers in Arms.

  • Amazing and fantastic! Thanks guys for this experience in Timisoara. I hope that you will return in Romania.

  • Yesterday in Kampen Holland we visited this show. Beautiful this is Dire Straits. The music is great. The show is great and we really enjoyed ourselves.
    Please when you are able one day to visit these guys just go. It is great and you will have a night to remember. We love Dire Straits Experience. Please come back to Music Club in Kampen. We will wait for you and we had a very very special evening. Thank you for the pictures with my son at the end of the show. He is very happy with the photo’s. Thank you and keep on playing you are great.
    Marjolein and Yingsan from Holland, Kampen 13.3.2016.

  • I was at the show in Kampen yesterday evening, it wasfantastic. I really loved it!! The music, vocals and the fun you are clearly having on stage made it a very nice experience. I hope to see you again in Holland!

  • Simply PERFECT. Briliant music made by great musisians. Concert in Kampen was GOOD. Thx to all involved.

  • Net terug van het optreden in Kursaal Oostende. Ik was aangenaam verrast van de briljante show. Direct verrassend begin met Telegraph Road. Daarna alle bekende Dire Straits songs, steeds prachtig uitgevoerd. Soms hard en vurig, soms intiem. Als afsluiter Local Hero. Muzikanten genoten zichtbaar. Mooie nostalgische avond.

  • Just cam back from your superb performance in Oostende-Belgium. Thank you so much for this wonderful music, my favourite songs for more than thirty years. i enjoyed every minute of your show and look forward to see you again soon!

  • Saw the ‘Experience’ recently in Bradford and thoroughly enjoyed the night out. I was always a fan of Dire Straits and the opportunity to listen to their music live was too good an opportunity to miss. However it’s always a risk, as you never quite know what to expect, and there is always that chance that you will come away highly disappointed. Well I have to say, not on this occasion. To a person the band are all accomplished musicians and I thought the resulting Dire Straits sounds was ‘spot on’ Many thanks to all of the band for a really excellent night out and a wonderful trip down memory lane, including the chap who kept dashing on and off stage to swap Terence’s guitars – Usain Bolt should be worried!

    Keep delivering it just the way you do guys, you are giving a lot of pleasure to fans of this type of music and the fact that you seem to be enjoying so much must just be the icing on the cake for you all.

  • Thanks for an amazing experience in Utrecht, the Netherlands (the Lowlands 😉 ). My dad got the shivers during Man’s too strong, I couldn’t stop smiling because of your energy, fun and amazingly good music, and the Brothers in Arms battle was unbelievable! Very nice to see a lot of people of my age (25 – 30), Dire Strais will live on! Thanks again!

  • Bournemouth 27 Feb. Brilliant show by quality musicians at the top of their game. Never got to see the original dire straits. However having been privileged to be at tonight’s performance, I don’t feel I missed out. Dire Straits re-born. Certainly not simply a tribute band. If you get the opportunity DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. THANK YOU ALL.

  • Absolutely amazing! We was at the corn exchange 3rd March. Amazing seats and amazing talent. Completely taken in by the music. Didn’t want it to end! Couldn’t believe how much Terence sounded like Mark! I really wanted to get up and dance. Hahaha. Well done to all and I really hope to see another tour In the near future but please come to the northeast! Especially Cullercoats as we travelled all the way down and so glad we did. Absolutely amazing night. Thank you so much! All the best. Karen. X

  • Had a fantastic evening at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday night, didn’t think it could be that good.

  • The nearest thing to the original DR I have experienced . Absolute class. Took me back to the old days.
    Can’t wait for the next one

  • From a young boy listening to all these tracks being played by my father to sitting there watching them with him as a man being played so amazingly it had me mesmerised from start to finish. And to meet the artists at the end of the night just shows the sheer class of the guys. Superb!!!

  • The show in Southend was fantastic. This group are an exact copy of the originals. It could not have been better. Just like 1985 all over again. Well done and come back to Southend soon please

  • Southend Friday night. Great band great music great atmosphere. So good to see a band on stage enjoying themselves as much as the audience. Hope you guys come back next tour.

  • Just had an amazing night out with the wife at the Palace Theatre Westcliff, band were superb.

  • So good to see you guys in Lynn last night, superb show, pure class, and the sound out front was absolutely spot on! Can’t wait to see you again!!

  • Amazing show & fantasic musicianship – def not a show to miss! I’m not even a “die hard” Dire Straits fan but always enjoyed their music & to hear it played live with some of the orginal band members was awesome!

  • Absolutely fantastic! Electric atmosphere throughout with a beautiful going home finale. Don’t stop guys, this is quite simply stunning!

  • Saw these guys at King’s Lynn last night and what an amazing show! I have seen the real Dire Straits many times, and if you couldn’t see these guys you would say that they are the real thing.
    The lead guitarist is equally as good as Knoffler. Bloody fantastic !

  • Took my husband to see the show in Bradford as he has been a fan for years and was blown away. Amazing atmosphere, spine tingling riffs and outstanding performances. Fantastic vocals and instrumentals. Came away with such a good feeling of exhilaration and my husband loved every minute of it,
    I want him to get his guitar out now!
    Thanks for an amazing expereince

  • Skegness feb 28th
    Another absolutely stunning performance by Terence and the band. Brilliantly breathtaking. Yvonne.

  • Last nights show in Bournemouth was brilliant. Quality musicians at the top of their game. I never got to see Dire Straits, but this band is certainly not a tribute band, more like Dire Straits re-born. The audience was jumping all night. A great touch was the band coming to the foyer to sign programmes and chat with us all after their wonderful performance. Thanks to you all.
    If you have the opportunity to see their show DO NOT MISS IT.

  • What a night! All the songs we wanted to hear,with the wonderful sax played by Chris, but the biggest surprise was the superlative Terry Reid’s whose virtuso guitar performance and his gritty voice gave me shivers.I loved it and will go again in a heartbeat

  • My oh my what an amazing night we had at Bournemouth pavilion. I saw the original band back in 86 but I must admit this was better by far. Haunting guitar and incredible accuracy. Only one pointer, LOUDER next tine please. We will definitely come again. We loved it so much its bought Goosebumps and tears. Thanx guys.

  • Seriously impressed 🙂
    Just got back from Bournemouth Pavilion Sat 27th Feb
    Chris White leads the group and is brilliant just love all the different instructments he has mastered.
    Huge fan of Dire Straits and wasn’t too sure how it could work without the main man MK not being onboard but the ‘guys’ produce a great sound and it worked for me:) With my favourite all timer ‘Telegraph Road’ as the opening song I was in heaven and I could have happily left after that but so glad I didn’t!!! Lol X

    Was just happy to loose myself it many favourites, brought back many memories of events, people and places that for me Dire Straits will always be linked with.

    Thanks for a great evening and good luck with the rest of the tour., you guys are obviously enjoying yourselves

  • The Dire Straits Experience, Gig Review. Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool.

    Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

    It is the shiver of expectation, the memory of mountains conquered and the marriage of saxophone and guitar, dipped in amber and the sound held out as if some lofty idyllic treasure was being presented from down upon high that makes the music of Dire Straits such a pleasurable way to spend an evening. Not that Dire Straits tour anymore, the chief of it all Mark Knopfler no longer caressing that particular avenue anymore and yet the sound of rolling thunder and expressive ambience lives on in the form of The Dire Straits Experience.

    That shiver of expectation that makes its presence known, runs deep, there are big shoes and a scintillating rich history to live up to but with expectation, comes realisation, that under the stewardship of the man who brought the depth of eerie calm with such a beautiful symbolic sound from a saxophone from the Brothers In Arms world tour era, Chris White, that natural resonating sound so beloved of Dire Straits enormous fan base is in very safe hands.

    As a team, the only way a band can truly be seen, the members of The Dire Straits Experience, Richard Cottle, James Powell, Paul Geary, Danny Schogger, Tim Walters, the exceptional Terence Reis and Chris White took the Philharmonic Hall on a journey through a period of time in which Dire Straits could be seen as doing no wrong in many people’s eyes; the expansive, the delicate and the downright progressive all combining to make the band one of the finest in the world at the time and certainly one of the most hauntingly beautiful.

    There is not much you can ask from a group of musicians with the pedigree available to them on stage than by opening with the epic Telegraph Road, the urge to fall into some natural desire and amorous clinch notwithstanding, the music flowed as it should but with that hint of elegant danger that made it grapple with the images of the late 70s foundation and the mid 80s superstardom.

    With songs such as Walk of Life, Romeo and Juliet, the unmistakable lingering touch of Latest Trick, the dynamic of Private Investigations, Brothers in Arms and Sultans Of Swing all making their authority felt, the music of a generation lived on and with the well deserved applause at the end of a very enjoyable evening resonating round the Philharmonic Hall, the past and the present joined in subtle but fantastic delight; a night of top drawer music.

  • Travelled down to Torquay from Bristtol for last nights show. What can I say. Fabulous, brilliant. Don’t stop bringing us the great music of Mark Knoffler guys. You are superb.

  • I was at the Torquay show yesterday. I grew up in London then moved to Texas for 20 years and now back to UK. The Dire Straits and MK music has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I brought my two sons, 16 and 10 to the concert too. They knew every note, of course. I wasnt sure what to expect but I was blown away. It was the best concert ever. It wasn’t the Royal Albert Hall but I was 5 rows from the stage and it was 2 hours of heaven.
    Terence Reis, what an amazing talent. The rest of the stage represent the leaders in their fields so brilliant as always.
    20 out of 10.

  • Princess Theatre Feb 26 2016
    Another STUNNING night of music from start to end, leaving you wanting more. Six guys on stage play as if their lives depended on it, amazing on stage chemistry between them, which carries on off stage after the show. No spoiler by giving you the setlist but Tunnel was out of this world, but there again so were the other 14 tracks. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, A MUST SEE BAND!


  • Just home from Torquay show. Cried all the way through as so many fantastic memories. Far far better than expected. So professional .The instrumentals were mind -blowing. Want to see you again-tomorrow!

  • We had the most amazing night at the London Hippodrome last night. Thank you for such a wonderfully entertaining evening. I had purchased the tickets for my partner and we enjoyed it so much, he even got up to dance at the first opportunity – this in itself was a first as he NEVER dances!! It was a fun and feel-good evening and we loved every second of it.

  • Simply the best show in town. I have never seen an act get a standing ovation after just the first song, but the playing of the epic Telegraph Road at the start with such aplomb just blew the crowd away with the sheer quality and passion on stage. Please get back to the Stables again soon, a truly magical night has to be repeated.

  • What an evening seemed like musicians enjoying themselves & invited us to their party ?
    One couldn’t tell the difference between this group & the original band all musicians brilliant non stop entertainment
    Thanks for a great evening
    Please plan a return visit To The Stables

  • Fab fab fabulous! So talented! A real feel-good experience where you soar on the wings of all the Dire Straits classics. Goose bumps!

  • stables milton keynes
    still coming back to ground level!
    explosive right from the start with telegraph road with no let up throughout this wonderful concert
    chris whitten brilliant on drums – it just added even more magic
    faultless, brilliant, wonderful
    just wish you were coming to the midlands this year!!

  • DSE – live reviews (2016)

    The DSE Live @ The Cheltenham Town Hall, Cheltenham, Thursday 18th February 2016

    Dire Straits: the last of the great supergroups, whose symphonic grandeur and rich legacy has found a permanent place in the minds of connoisseurs of fine music.
    At Cheltenham Town Hall, 15 of their most memorable songs lived again, thanks to a superlative display by worthy successors The Dire Straits Experience, though I could devote the entire review to just one of them, specifically, the 14-minute juggernaut that opened the show: the epic Telegraph Road, for my money, the greatest Dire Straits track of them all. Bristling with clean guitar breaks, ethereal keyboards and its evocative lyrics, it set the mood for a glorious celebration, during which everything turned to gold on a night of musical alchemy.

    Headed by accomplished Mark Knopfler sound-alike Terence Reis, whose extensive guitar arsenal included those iconic steel and red Stratocaster axes, the seven virtuoso musicians regally entertained the partisan audience over two enthralling hours, faithfully recreating that distinctive and often haunting Dire Straits sound. For all its surges of power, their material was imbued with a calm beauty, the glittering eyes of many raging storms, and the sharp contrasts frequently sent shivers.

    Tonight’s line-up featured original members from the band’s latter days: drummer Chris Whitten, whose kit threatened to collapse about him, given the relentless pounding it endured, and Bristol-born saxophonist extraordinaire Chris White, who had come full circle, having begun his professional career at the town hall in the late 1960s. Few people can make a tenor sax sound so captivating, and he was a dominant force throughout, nonchalantly touring the stage and adding that extra, almost unearthly dimension, especially during Romeo And Juliet and the reflective Your Latest Trick.

    Meanwhile, Walk Of Life and Two Young Lovers injected some pulsating boogie, there were the sizzling guitar heroics of Tunnel Of Love, the brooding splendour of Private Investigations and the intensely moving Brothers In Arms, its opening chords greeted with warm applause. In a high-octane finale, the magnificent seven swept through a dazzling rendition of Sultans Of Swing, easing off momentarily as White’s sax sounded the Last Post and duetted harmoniously with Reis, past meeting present in a wonderful display of mutual appreciation.

    First encore Money For Nothing lured the partying multitudes to the front aisles, and the Local Hero theme Going Home brought it all to a triumphant climax.

    No Industrial Disease, though. Ah, well, you can’t have everything. I’d still had a feast, and these guys had proved themselves sultans in every respect. What chemistry, too; rarely have I seen a band look so happy during a performance.

    “We can keep coming back as long as people want to hear these songs,” declared Reis. Given the fully deserved standing ovation they received, they will need no second invitation – and I’ll be there.

    – Simon Lewis (The Gloucester Echo, 19.02.2016)