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  • This is as close as you can get to the original Dire Straits experience without going backwards in time to the actual concerts.

    These musicians are just stellar in performing such masterpieces that Knopfler composed. AND you have Chris White with his saxophones and flutes to feast your ears.

    I expected much and got even more when I entered this show. The finesse of the musicians is just fascinating and seeing them enjoy creating those sounds night after night…

    So: “Thank you so much for a fantastic evening enjoying your concert”

  • The Helsinki concert on the 26th of April 2022 was fabulous! I felt privileged to get first-row seat #59. There were great fans sitting next to me who I did not know before the concert but somehow I felt we become friends through the music we all love. Thanks, guys on the stage and the big fans around me on the first row! Great to see how music connects people, like a smile to the friend next to you who you do not really know… other than, together, loving the great music being performed by the Dire Straits Experience

    – with love, kisses and hugs !!!

  • Hi, Chris and your excellent band! As a band DSE is fabulous and by closing your eyes you can feel the same experience you had in the mid-80s when Dire Straits was flying high fly on MTV and record charts.

    I enjoyed your concerts on the 24th and 26th of April 2022 in Finland. Thanks, guys. Like you said – you would be willing to come to Finland again if we invite you to come. Do not worry, you have a lot of fans here! Please kindly make Finland one of your next tour destinations. We will be there!!

  • Finland/Tampere-thanks!

    Ride across the river was a very current song to this new situation with Ukraine. Clever lyrics and well played. Good show and atmosphere post-Covid.

    All the best for ur tour.

  • Thanks for the excellent Sunday afternoon gig in Tampere, Finland on the 24th of April. Experiencing this on a first-row seat, I felt privileged. This was my 6th DSE concert, tomorrow I will come for the 7th… again in a first-row seat. You guys are bringing back feelings and memories of Dire Straits music from the 80s and it is as close to real as it ever can be.

    Thank you guys – keep on going!!!

  • Quel concert!!! 2 jours apres le concert, je suis encore sous le charme fou de Chris White AU SAXO, wahoo!!!!
    Terence Reis et tous les autres membres sont tout simplement geniaux, pas de temps mort, du pur dire straits pendant 2 heures
    Vraiment un moment fabuleux.

  • Thank you from Israel! I came to the concert with my 22-year-old daughter and she said, “Yes, our generation has the right to hear this music live too!”

    Come back, please!

  • Tel-Aviv, 20-10-21

    It was a great night and a great performance by these incredible musicians! The show is top-notch and a must for any Dire Straits fan. I enjoyed every minute, and it will be a privilege to see them again!

    Thank you guys…


  • Un grand moment de bonheur a voir absolument . 2h00 DE PUR PLAISIR QUI VOUS PLONGE DANS LES PLUS BELLES ANNEES Du rock anglo-saxon . DE sO FAR AWAY EN VERSION caplypso a money for nothing EN PASSANT PAR ANGEL OF MERCY OU BIEN ON EVERY STREET…. CE CONCERT RESTE ET RESTERA UNE MAGNIFIQUE EXPERIENCE QU’IL FAUT RENOUVELER SI vous êtes en manque de bonheur ! La rencontre avec chris white restera aussi un magnifique souvenir . Si dire straits experience passe par chez vous alors n’hesitez pas faite aussi l’experience !

  • I´m looking forward to your concert in Vienna in December 2020!!

  • Thanks for a great night in Leeuwarden, guys. I came to the show for the 3rd time.

    Thanks to you, the music of Dire Straits is still alive. Not only for my generation but also for my kids!

    Please come back to The Netherlands next year.

  • I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical at first. I thought it would be impossible to match the band’s original music quality. But nothing could have been further from the truth.

    I was completely blown away and sometimes moved to tears (Private Investigations!) The latter because of the amazing saxophone sound of Chris White. And Terence Reis, OMG, he was phenomenal too! The whole band was!

    The entire concert hall in Brussels was completely spellbound for two and a half hours on Sunday 24th Nov.

    At one point (we were all sitting on chairs) some of us in the balcony stood up, found a place (without blocking anyone’s view) and we just had to dance.

    Thank you, Chris White for this initiative and to all the DSE band members for your outstanding musicianship and passion. We could all feel it! It was magical.

  • Missed Dire Straits in the 80’s and 90’s but boy did we catch up this year! Mark Knopfler in June (in Antwerp), then you guys last Sunday in Brussels!!

    Never a big fan of “tribute bands”, especially after seeing Mark in June, but I was absolutely blown away by the DSE! 3rd row… what a blast.

    Thank you, Chris for going out on the road and thank you, Chris for having found such a great front man in Terence. Well done, Terence!

    The Band is GREAT! So much energy and while having fun at the same time.

    Looking forward to catching you again next year in Oostende!!

  • Concert Inoubliable… Frissons assurés par la magie qui se dégage de ces musiciens extra-ordinaires. Leur complicité et leur performance nous envoûtent…..
    Merci… merci… merci…

  • After shows in Oostende and Antwerpen, Brussels was the 3rd time I had seen the DSE in concert. Well, guys; you make my day.


    Tip: I would love to hear you play “Heavy Fuel”

  • Thanks for a great performance in Brussels last night!

    You guys really blew my (already) high expectations out of the water with a more then solid two and a half hour show!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us fans!

  • Tellement, tellement d’émotions lors de ce concert à Rennes! Absolument unique, réellement incroyable.

    Merci, encore et encore à ces musiciens d’exception pour cette soirée gravée dans les mémoires.

  • Merci d être passe a La Réunion. C était super. J ai pu revivre un concert exceptionnel. En tout cas ça fait du bien entendre des anciens morceaux. Vous êtes tous talentueux.

    En espérant que vous repassez par ici pour plusieurs dates.

    Encore un grand merci.

  • I saw the DSE show in Pretoria at the Sun Arena. It was truly amazing. I think that only one night was not enough. You should have stayed longer in South Africa. A brilliant group of musicians and most certainly one of the best shows I have seen. Don’t wait too long before returning.

  • When I heard about the Dire Straits Experience I was sceptical at first. Mainly because I know the music of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits so well.

    But… It was one of the best experiences I have ever had! The Dire Straits Experience (DSE) is much more than a return to the past. It is a blast of talent and quality music, with excellent musicians and, to me, so much more than reviving Dire Straits. It’s a whole new working of the music.

    Terence Reis, in his own style is fantastic on guitar and vocals!

    Amazed to see Chris White again on the saxophone and leading the band!

    DSE has already taken off and there is no return… The world will embrace them, believe me.

    Hope to have a chance to see you guys again! 🙂

  • I am lost for words!

    I have been waiting 27 years to see this show! You “knocked it out of the park” on Tuesday evening in Pretoria with a truly exceptional performance in a world class arena. An evening spent with family and friends which will stay long in the memory!!!!


  • Hi, team!

    I’m one of your fans from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Unfortunately, last year we didn’t get a chance to attend your show as it was cancelled due to martial law in our country. However, we never got a refund as the touring organiser – Alexander Dmyschuk from the agency “Rock Gvardiya” – stopped answering our (and dozens of other fans’) phone calls.

    I wanted to let you know of the situation and hopefully, never do business with this person again.

    Either way, I’m wishing you successful touring.

    Have a nice day.


  • Truly an amazing group of musicians who stand out in their own right. You are always welcome in Tel Aviv.

  • The best show I’ve been to in the last ten years!
    Terence Reis is singing just like Mark and it’s amazing!
    Literally the Dire Straits Experience.

  • On vacation in Medulin, Croatia with the family and we were happy to see your concert last Thursday. My sons (15 and 18), my wife and me are big fans.

    Thank you for keeping this great music alive and inspiring even the youngsters. We hope you found back your lost equipment…

    See you back home in Hasselt, Belgium in November.

  • When are you playing in the United States again? You need to come to the Midwest. I have been listening this music since I was a kid, hearing my dad play the songs.

  • Amazing show in Vlissingen again!

    Yes indeed, Chris; May is better than November by the sea.

    Hope to see you again in Vlissingen next year!

  • I witnessed a great show in de Vereeniging in Nijmegen on the 22nd of May 2019. It was fantastic! I enjoyed it from the first second to the last. If you closed your eyes, you would think you were at a Dire Straits concert.

    I want to thank you for a fabulous performance and wish you all the best for the future.

    The next time you guys are around I will be there again!

  • Can you guys PLEASE, please, please come to Australia, Perth. My partner has loved your music his whole life and I would love to take him to see you play live 🙂

  • I enjoyed the show yesterday in Tilburg. After seeing the concert in den Bosch in November last year, this was the 2nd time I watched the Dire Straits Experience and it was awesome again!

    What musicians, what power. The concert proved again that the music of Dire Straits is timeless. So please come back to Tilburg or den Bosch next year. I will be there again!

  • Amazing show in Nieuw-Vennep Van Zanten Hal on the 17th of May 2019. I enjoyed it very much. Hope you come back next year. I will certainly be there.

    Good luck to you guys and thanks very much for an awesome concert.

  • Great show yesterday in Apeldoorn. We are already looking forward to getting tickets for the next one.

    Keep the pace going!

    Regards from Holland,

  • Inoubliable… epoustouflant.
    Le cœur au bord des larmes et des larmes au fond des yeux.
    Vibrations intenses de tous les instruments. Excellence musicale.
    Performances vocales incroyables.
    Un charme fou…
    À revoir sans moderation.

  • Guys, thank you very much for the amazing “show” last night in Budapest! Great that the “show” part was pushed to the background and you focused purely on real music. Excellent sound, perfect music performance. I could enjoy Dire Straits as it is.

    Thanks all of you!

  • Vraiment énorme!! Quel concert, on est de retour dans les années 80/90 et mieux même.

    Un pure moment et quelle qualité de son, voix, guitare, saxo, piano, basse, batterie parfaite!

  • I started playing the saxophone more than 25 years ago thanks to Dire Straits and Chris White. Yesterday in Marseille was, for me, a tunnel of intense emotion.

    Thank you very much for allowing me to re-live my private Dire Straits sound experiences. You really are the Sultans Of Swing.

  • Marseille – The Silo 22 March 2019

    Tonight we had a fabulous, wonderful show with fabulous musicians!

    The soul of Dire Straits is very powerful! It’s a shock of beautiful strong emotions! Their music transports us.

    Terence Reis is amazing. He honours Mark, with his voice and his guitar and his talent! It’s a unique guitarist who makes you travel… it’s majestic… fabulous… grandiose!!!!

    The Dire Straits Experience is a real experience!!!

    Bravo, Maestros!

  • Thank you very much having been so generous yesterday in the Olympia!

    I was in Bercy in 1992 and it was pure pleasure, to hear again, Dire Straits’ unique sound. With brilliant musicians and even original lights, which rends the whole thing so genuine and creative at the same time!

    A very good performance

  • I like your music very much, even if I didn’t know it before. The concert was very nice 😀

  • Merci pour le concert que vous avez donné à Toulouse. On retrouve avec bonheur tous les grands titres du groupe d’origine. Vous avez su vous les reprendre à votre façon et c’est vraiment excellent.

    Je ne ferais pas l’éloge d’un musicien par rapport à un autre, vous êtes tous excellents. Merci encore pour ce fabuleux concert.

    PS: Pourquoi ne faites vous pas un album de vos concert?

  • What can I say? You guys rocked last night in Bordeaux. All of you are amazing musicians. A professional, non-stop, high octane set of 2 1/2 hours. Excellent, very crisp sound system, great roadies to swap out the many, many guitar changes. Lighting really cool too. Your French audience loved you, and so did I!

    Not the real thing? Give me a break: fantastic lilting guitar solos from Terence Reis, amazing vocals too. Chris White (are you the only original band member?) I loved your sax and flute. I loved all of you!

  • Oh my God!

    These guys rock so much! 2h20 of musical hits only.

    I’ve realised (as if it was it really necessary?) Mark Knopfler’s amazing genius for writing eternal melodies, and amazing guitar riffs but being a great Dire Straits fan, I was a bit scared of being slightly disappointed…

    Not at all.

    The musicians are amazing. They could hold their own on a stage next to the great Mark himself. OK, Chris already has! 🙂 And there’s something in Terence’s voice that reminds you of Mark – not imitating him though…

    Too young to have had the chance to see Dire Straits on stage, for one night it was as if I had attended one of their concert, going back home greedy to listen to all my Dire Straits CDs again and again.

    Thank you, guys for making the magic linger, and I can tell from the atmosphere there was yesterday that you will go on playing these songs for a long long time to come – to our great pleasure!!

  • Perfect! Seen in Brussels, London and Bratislava – and hopefully somewhere in the future.

    Loved the set, tight performance with cracking guitar and sax solos. I was in rapture and emotionally exhausted!

    Thank you, keep it going.


  • Fantastic performance in Gdynia. Great musicians and personalities. I was a sceptic, expecting that I wasn’t going to hear Knopfler’s guitar riffs and solos but… I actually got them. And more!

    Most of all, the energy and genuine fun flowing from the stage was what made the evening a fantastic experience.

    Hats off for the whole band!

    An extra thrill was Tim Walters’ guitars.

    Loved it!

  • Guys – you are the masters. Amazing performance. I was speechless from the beginning to the end of the show. Hope you will always include Warsaw in your tours. Thank you for an incredible evening!

  • Thanks for the fantastic show in Warsaw! Hope to see you next year as well, and please, please, please add Solid Rock to your show. It’s such a gem.

  • Yesterday, I attended the DSE concert in Ostrava, Czech Republic. It was amazing! To tell you the truth, although I’ve known the music for over 20 years, I didn’t know the background of “The Experience” band performers or who the members of the group were.

    I had been disappointed that Mark Knopfler wasn’t a part of it but that only lasted for the first three songs or so. The band played different arrangements at times but I have to admit that so does Mark Knopfler… So what? For me, it truly was as wonderful an experience as it could be!

    Thanks a lot, guys and a special thank you for Money For Nothing played as an encore!

    Very well done!

  • Thank you all! You are simply amazing. And the sound? It was fantastic! Now can I say: “I know the sounds of the saxophones, the flute, the piano, the drums, the bass, The organ, the keyboards and…” Did I forget something? “Yes the guitars :)”. I enjoyed your concert from the beginning ’til the end with my breath bated.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this experience 🙂

    (České Budéjovice, Czech Republic – Pavilion T1 – 20.2.2019)

  • Thank you for the fantastic evening in Vienna! It was an unbelievable concert…

    Please come back soon 😉

  • Congratulation for the wonderful concert in Linz, Austria on 16th of February 2019. I saw the original On Every Street Tour in Linz in 1992

  • The concert was outstanding. One of the best and one that you just wish would never end. They sounded amazing. I just can’t find the words to show my enthusiasm. I recommend the show to all fans of Dire Straits. I can’t wait them to come to Slovenia again.

  • 21st December in Helsinki, The Dire Straits Experience. And what an experience that was.

    I’ve been a huge fan of the band since the early 80’s but the concert in Helsinki took me by surprise. I have to admit I have never seen Dire Straits live, but this was an outstanding show!

    I hope to experience the same again, the earlier the better. With this no one can afford to be a penny pincher…

  • Yesterday I visited the concert in den Bosch. What a night! Great musicians! It was the old sound and, for me, it was a revival of the past. The music is timeless. Without doubt I will visit the band again!

  • For me, Dire Straits’ music is a symbol of the first years of my marriage. Now a widow for almost 3 years, those lovely times returned tonight in Amsterdam. I enjoyed the music very much… just like 40 years ago. You guys are great!

    PS. I’ve had a crush on Chris from the beginning.

  • The best show I have seen and listened to ever.

    They start exactly at the announced time. They do not talk to the audience in-between the songs. They play for more than 2 hours straight.


  • Saw the Dire Straits Experience in Newcastle. These guys were every bit as good as the originals!!!

    Mark Knopfler eat your heart out!!!

  • I agree with Tony. What a night in Newcastle. I took my partner as a surprise. Man, what a night. I hope we can get another chance ‘cos we will be there. Amazing, man.

  • Simply the most awesome experience! Singing along with the band like it was the eighties! Musical geniuses! I could watch them again and again! Simply brilliant!

  • A fantastic performance. Just love the music. Once again; please come back to Perth when you tour Australia again.

  • Absolutely amazing show! The band put on a magical performance that I just didn’t want to end. Cannot fault it and I would go back again in a heartbeat.

  • Congrats on completing your Australian Tour! What a show you finished with in Perth! You transported us to a place of music utopia… pure perfection and technical brilliance by all of the band members.

    I saw Dire Straits back in 1986 and this was every bit as good. It was extra special to see Chris White perform again… a living legend! You could have played all night to a completely captivated audience.

    Just one comment – please play in more open venues. Your audience so desperately wanted to dance and sing but we were confined to our seats.

    Thanks so much for believing in your music. You simply must keep this music alive.

    Can’t wait for you to come back and see us again.

  • What a magic experience the show in Perth was. Within 5 minutes tears were rolling down my face listening to Telegraph Road. Brilliant musicians. If you love Dire Straits you must not miss this concert.

  • Just come home from seeing the band here in Perth, Western Australia. Totally outstanding. Hope they will return to Australia in the near future so we can repeat the experience.

  • As an 18 year old I would get home from a hard day’s work, lay in the lounge and listen to Making Movies. I recently stated to my 17 year old son that I thought Tunnel Of Love was the greatest song of all time. I went to the show in Newcastle with my son on September the 29th and, for the first time in my life, I was moved to actual tears by the performance of this song. Amazing experience.

  • Wow… My wife and I went to see the Newcastle show on the 29th September. These guys are the real deal – great performance, great sound and we both thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

    I have seen Dire Straits three times and I must say that this line up gave me everything and more. I can’t recommend the show highly enough. We would go back again to see this show again for sure. It’s worth every cent of the ticket price. As our Molly Meldrum would say: “Do ya self a favour.”

    Thank you to Chris and his band for keeping this music alive and so authentic. And for bringing it to our doorstep. How lucky we are…

    Central Coast, NSW

  • My son, Alex and I caught the Dire Straits Experience concert at Hamer Hall, Melbourne on Tuesday, 25th September. What can I say… The band was sensational. It was just such a brilliant evening of brilliant music played by brilliant musicians. It’s that simple. And the songs!!!!!! From the amazing Telegraph Road, to the moving Brothers In Arms, to the “take that” attitude and 80’s statement of Money For Nothing, it was pure class. You could see the band enjoying the night, and the crowd just lapped it up. This music is timeless, but the delivery is just full of energy, a great light show and just sounds extraordinary. From drums, keyboards, piano, guitars, clarinet, flute, saxophone… all gel together like a jigsaw. It’s that tight. Well done to all. You are all so talented and please come back. We’ll be waiting…

    Steve H
    Melbourne, Australia

  • Out of this world. Such passion and exquisite musicianship. Totally put the Dire Straits songs in a new dimension for me. So glad I got the opportunity to see these guys in Auckland, NZ.

  • Auckland September 27th. What a truly amazing night full of fantastic music, joy and nostalgia. These guys are absolutely fabulous. When I closed my eyes it was like being transported back in time. The attention to detail, quality of the musicians and the lighting and sound was outstanding. A must see show. Can’t wait for the next one. Awesome, guy. Thank you. Please come back to NZ soon!

  • Saw these guys for the first time in Auckland on September 27th 2018. We were expecting them to be good after reading other reviews. They completely blew us away and exceeded all expectations. I have never known 2 hours go by so quickly! Absolutely fabulous musicians, the attention to detail was awesome along with great support from the lighting team and assistants. We would see them again in a heartbeat. If you get the opportunity to hear these wonderful, talented musicians don’t miss it! A wonderful night and trip down memory lane. Simply wonderful!

  • Outstanding performance in New Zealand. Completely speechless and already counting the days for your return. Don’t miss these guys!

  • From the very first note of Telegraph Road to the final Going Home, I was absolutely catapulted back to Brisbane’s Festival Hall in the early 1980’s. To when I first heard MK and Dire Straits… There is only one better.

    Absolutely fantastic show. Come back to Brisbane every tour, please.

  • Sat to the right of the stage. The last two seats, last minute, up in the box. Best 2 seats. So close. Such an amazing night. I could not wipe the smile off my face from the emotion. You guys were just brilliant. Don’t miss tomorrow night NZ. Thank you so much.

  • Absolutely awesome. I think Mark Knopfler has been cloned. The concert was better than I could ever have imagined. The guitar licks were wonderful.

  • Loved the show in Adelaide. I was not sure what to expect and was overwhelmed! I was even considering heading to Melbourne on Tuesday evening to catch you guys again! Please don’t leave it too long to head back to Australia!

  • Wow, wow, wow! Loved every song. Amazing artists. So close to Mark’s voice. Went with my 13 year old son who plays sax. He will cherish this for ever. Will come back to see it again.

  • Loved the whole show (Melbourne), genuine chills during Private Investigations and Telegraph Road. Just brilliant!

  • Tonight was a superb show in Melbourne. I’d given up hope of seeing Dire Straits live; and the quality of musicianship and respect for the music was inspirational… I really enjoyed it and the standing ovation at the end was truly deserved.

    One nit pick: Why do the guys chat to each other on stage during songs, even during solos? It insults the audience. It says, “we’re just having another day at the office and there is nothing special in what we are doing”. It grates terribly and detracts from a great show.

    I will come again next time and bring my family.

    Thanks for coming – keep going…

  • Went to the show tonight at Hamer Hall. Absolutely amazing. We loved every minute. Chris White and Terence Reis… the best. As was the rest of the band. A must go to see. You will love it.

  • Blown away in Sydney last night. Close your eyes and it’s the Horden Pavilion 30 or so years ago. Absolutely amazing. Don’t be strangers!

  • Awesome show. They must have cloned Mark Knopfler in a test tube and grown another one. That’s how to entertain and play real music and create nostalgia. Please let me know when they come back to the State Theatre. It was a great venue.

  • Just saw the band in Sydney. I’m a huge fan. Closed my eyes and I was transported to Sydney 1986 for the Brother’s In Arms tour. Amazing. Lead singer was as good, possibly better, than Mark.

    I would encourage anyone who enjoys listening to beautiful music to attend.

  • Saw your show last night in Canberra, Aust. Wow, Wow, Wow. What a fantastic show last night, Dire Straits Experience. I thought it was going to be good considering what I heard on radio. So 8pm arrives and the lights go down, there are explosions and the lights to match, the band moves on and they start with the intro to Telegraph Road and it sounds sooo good, then the lead Vocal opens his mouth and I am gob smacked. It could have been Mark, if you closed your eyes. Absolutely fantastic show. Well done guys, unbelievable.

  • Just been to the Canberra show last night, 2:15 hours of pure bliss by Chris White, Terence Reis, Tim Walters and the band. Mark Knopfler would be proud of Terence’s performance, chapeau. Unbelievable experience. I can’t wait to see them again. Please come back soon.

  • What a great show. I didn’t know of them before but the band sound yesterday filled the forest at the Göttingen KWP Festival.

    All I can say is many thanks, boys. Long may you run!!!

  • What a fantastic performance you all put in at this week’s concert in Liverpool. I have been a Dire Straits fan since the late seventies and your professionalism and musicianship is absolutely first class. In fact it’s one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The sound quality was fantastic and all my friends, and my son, who came to the concert were just amazed how great you all are.

    Please, please, please come back to Liverpool soon.

    All the best to you all with your tour to Australia and New Zealand.

    Many, many thanks for a wonderful evening.

  • Great night at Shepherds Bush last night – the perfermances just get better and better! At the end it reminded me of the old Dire Straits shows, but in miniature. Shame there’s nothing in the UK now – guess I’ll have to get on the ‘plane to Holland!

    Great stuff Boys – just love it.

  • June 28th, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

    Phenomenal experience, electric atmosphere, outstanding performances enhanced by brilliantly designed and executed sound and lighting and the charismatic personalities of the band coming through.

    No words to describe this experience. You will leave exhilarated. You feel every beat and note – physically and emotionally – in your chest, your heart and throughout your whole being.

    Guys, you’ve got thousands and thousands of us wanting you back home. What are you waiting for? We’ll see you soon


  • Liverpool Philharmonic, June 26 2018. A set of musicians at the very top of their game, playing a legendary set list and playing it as it was meant to be played; with power and passion. Exciting and moving at the same time. Absolutely amazing experience.

    Great to see the whole audience up on their feet enjoying a very special night.

    Thanks guys

  • 26th June 2018, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. This show was truly brilliant. So faultlessly professional. Even a fly found its way into the act!! I always admired Dire Straits’ music and this show did superb justice to it all – well done guys!!

  • G-Live Guildford June 2018.

    Absolutely amazing show. All the classic tracks were performed with immense skill from all the performers. Chris White is a superb and engaging saxophonist and percussionist. Terence Reis did a brilliant job leading the band with his own distinctive (non karaoke) style. Best tribute band I’ve ever seen.

    Loved it.

  • 3 generations of us came to your recent Cheltenham gig – and all 3 of us were blown away. I vividly remember buying my dad “Making Movies” for his birthday and carrying it through Cheltenham when I was about 11 – so the music’s been with my dad and me for a long time. My son’s obviously new to this but has been playing the songs on repeat ever since!

    I wanted to say an ENORMOUS thank you for my son’s birthday soundcheck experience. He was so shocked – I hadn’t said anything to him and smuggled his drumsticks in my rucksack. I think he was SO overwhelmed on stage that he could barely talk (and afterwards he couldn’t speak for at least half an hour!). I think he’ll remember that moment for ever.

    The gig was fantastic. I don’t know how you do 2 and a half hours without a break, and everything was SO on point. The sound was great, the performances brilliant – amazing playing, really moving on many occasions. I go to a lot of gigs, and I judge music by how it makes me feel – a successful gig to me is one that has at least one ‘hairs standing on end’ moment – and you guys did that MANY, MANY times last night. (I even welled up in the soundcheck which might be a first!).